Top 5 African Dresses With Modern Influence

Top 5 African Dresses With Modern Influence

We have compiled 5 African dresses with modern influence for ladies in 2023. They are the perfect African wear styles for all women who want to look stylish. You will find something to suit your needs from day-to-night event styles to office wear to wedding styles. The African fashion dresses listed here are on-trend, so your style is always up to date.

1. Modern Aso Ebi Style

African dresses with modern influence

If you’re searching for contemporary African bridesmaid dresses, Aso Ebi Style is a perfect option. This traditional style originates from the Nigerian Yoruba culture, with long maxis and gowns to flatter African ladies. These are some of the most fashionable modern African print wedding dresses available today. Aso Ebi dresses, renowned for their classic style, can be worn to various events, such as weddings. Pair this beautiful garment with an elegant modern gele head wrap and exquisite jewellery for your best look.

2. Ankara Style

African dresses with modern influence

African shorts are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no wonder why. They feature a stunning, chic style that celebrities and models adore for various occasions – from casual brunches to glamorous dinners with the right accessories. These are African dresses with modern influence embraced in Africa and among women across western countries. Ankara shorts are very adaptable and can be worn to fit any event.

Their unique African print and colors make Ankara an eye-catching statement piece, no matter what you pair them with. For a simple and elegant look, combine shorts with brown leather sandals and a plain white tee for the ultimate African-inspired look.

3. Dashiki tops and jackets

Dashiki tops and jackets

Dashiki prints are some of the most fashionable African dresses with modern influence. From African-inspired jackets to print blouses, Dashiki tops are perfect for adding a touch of African flair to your wardrobe. The tops come in various styles and colors, from traditional prints to the newer African-inspired fashion trends. Both men and women can flaunt these designs in stylish tops or jackets when paired with flattering clothing.

For instance, a woman may pair her dashiki top with leggings and boots, whereas a man could put on his outfit alongside denim jeans and sandals for an effortlessly cool look. And beyond their sleek appearance, dashikis offer the utmost comfort, making them the ideal African-inspired garment for any outing.

4. Kitenge

African dresses with modern influence

Kitenge dresses are the standard of African fashion – an explosion of dynamic designs, dyes, and detailed patterns. The designers have created some incredible looks that bring Kitenges to a whole new level as one of the African dresses with modern influence. When it comes to African attire, nothing compares with Kitenge for skirts and dresses; its boldness is phenomenal.

African ladies rock this print with various necklines – from square necks to off-shoulder silhouettes. Kitenge tops, shirts and blouses, African pants, and jumpsuits are trendy. Match your Kitenge outfit with colourful African jewellery and other print accessories to complete the modern look.

5. Jellabiya

A modern Jalabiya

Jellabiya, a full-length traditional African wear favoured by women in the Nile region of Egypt and Sudan, is another African dress with modern influence. Similar to an Arabian thawb, this African dress is known for its loose fit and bright colours, making it a fitting choice for African events and festivities.

For a modern look, you can layer your jellabiya with a long African print kimono and traditional jewellery. If you want to take it up a notch, pair your jellabiya with African sandals or statement shoes and a beautiful African head wrap. Kitengi can instantly transform any woman into an African queen with its airy and luxurious fabric.


African fashion has come a long way from its humble beginnings, and the incredible range of African-inspired clothing today truly represents the culture in all its grandeur. From djellabas to kaftans, and from dashikis to kitenge, each garment carries its unique meaning and style. African dresses with modern influence bring African culture to life and provide stylish options for any occasion. So, the next time you need to dress to impress, don’t forget to consider these African closet staples.